Adelaide Aces | Modifications For Backyard Baseball Fun
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Modifications For Backyard Baseball Fun

Dad playing catch with son

Modifications For Backyard Baseball Fun

For any lover of the sport of baseball, he or she may just want to play it in the comfort of their backyard. It may be because there isn’t a field readily available, or possibly because it is more convenient to practice in the backyard rather than somewhere else. Whatever the reason, modifications may be needed in order to properly play and practice the sport in the backyard. We’ve all seen it in our neighborhoods and on the big screen: kids gathering to play one of America’s finest sports in the backyard. Here are some of the modifications needed to play in the backyard.

Make Space
It’s probably unlikely that you would be able to create a regular sized diamond in your backyard. Even if the space is somewhat limited, it is essential to maximize what you do have. If your child enjoys getting their neighborhood friends together for multiple games in the summer time and beyond, you will want to establish clear perimeters.

Those playing in the backyard will need to know where the foul lines are, home plate, what is foul territory, and where the home run wall or line will be. They will also want to establish a place for the pitcher to throw from. Even if you don’t have proper bases, find a solution that is suitable. Any old rag or piece of fabric will work as a base. A little work can go a long way.
Make sure to clear enough space for them to play by getting rid of unwanted equipment and other things that would otherwise just be in the way. Make sure your yard is maintained and clear from possible debris such as rocks and pet droppings. Your yard may not be a traditional diamond, but a few simple modifications can give your baseball lover a chance to experience the feeling of playing.

Hitting Net
A hitting net is a perfect way for any lover of the game to practice their swing without having to constantly chase balls that are several yards away from them. It also limits the damage the ball would do to other areas of interest such as the fence around your yard, or the siding of your home. This will promote activity even when there is no one around to play the sport with.
Make sure you purchase a hitting net that is quite portable and provides enough size to encase the ball when it is hit. These things don’t take up a lot of space in one’s backyard and it is a perfect way to modify your yard for someone who loves to play the sport.

Rebound Pitch Net
On the contrary to the net that collects the ball from those hitting it, is the net that rebounds the ball back to you after you throw it. There are so many circumstances when there simply isn’t a throwing partner available to play catch with. It can certainly be frustrating, but the throwing net changes the game.

Like the hitting net, make sure there is enough space in your backyard to fit it. It also doesn’t take up a lot of room and one again will want one that is quite portable. This device will allow a play of any position to work on his or her throws, so they can become accurate.

As always, there are many things to think about when modifying your yard for play. Make sure to remember a few things:
-Modify the equipment accordingly to avoid broken windows
-Encourage play by maximizing space
-Have fun while you are doing it

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